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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Posted by Bennett Smith on Nov 19, 2019 2:02:08 PM
Bennett Smith

Scroll through Alabama native Bennett Smith’s social media feed and you’ll wonder how his mother sleeps at night.

One post in particular features the 20-something professional whitewater kayaker executing a seven-story freefall down DeSoto Falls in Fort Payne, Alabama. Yes, you read that right. Seven stories, or about 80 feet, give or take. No big deal.


Turning Obstacles into Opportunities


Scroll a bit more and you’ll find Bennett turning another obstacle into an opportunity. Undaunted by a colossal dam, Bennett does a handstand and flips completely over the impediment.

“It’s about the only thing dams are good for,” Bennett jokes.

Punctuating his feed are even more jaw-dropping stunts. Kayaking is more than a hobby for Bennett, who now resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He may live in the United States, but his kayaking skills and thrill-seeking nature has allowed him to travel all over the world.

Bennett represented the United States at the 2017 International Canoe Federation Freestyle Kayaking World Championships. He placed nineteenth in the championships, which took place in San Juan, Argentina.

Bennett also participated in the 2019 World Championships in Sort, Spain, as a member of the U.S. Freestyle Kayaking team.

Adrenaline can fuel these exploits, but a professional athlete of Bennett Smith’s caliber needs more to stay sustained. A self-described “lover of the outdoors, physical fitness, and healthy living,” Bennett has a pretty stellar hydration game going with Liquid Nutrient.

“I love mixing it up in a water bottle before going out for a long workout or kayak run,” he says. “It keeps me hydrated with a great taste. I get all of my daily vitamins and minerals needed to perform at my best.”


Family Matters


Bennett’s 84-year-old grandmother, Rita, is a frequent commenter on his social media posts. And while she encourages him in his wild adventures, Rita herself was low on energy for simple everyday tasks, until recently.

Bennett, after noticing the changes Drink Nutrient brought for himself, suggested Nutrient’s Vitamin Coffee to his grandmother, and the results were dramatic. A few weeks after replacing her regular cup of joe with Vitamin Coffee, Rita was feeling more like herself and moving around more easily.

“We were able to go on our first grandson/grandmother trip in years,” he says. “We left the house at 9 a.m. and returned at midnight! She wanted to take me to a casino, so we traveled to two different casinos where we walked over three miles.”

It might not be a seven-story freefall whitewater drop, but both Bennett and his grandmother were thrilled. It turns out that you don’t need to be an athlete to reap the benefits of Nutrient’s functional drinks.

“It was the most action-packed and memorable day I have had with my grandmother in the last five years,” Bennett reports. “She swears Nutrient played a huge part in it.”

Whether you are planning a kayaking adventure of your own, or are just looking for a bit of a boost to your everyday routine, Drink Nutrient absolutely has the functional drink for you.

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