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Holcombes - the family that go gos

Posted by Holcombes - Famagogo on Nov 19, 2019 3:16:07 PM


Holcombes - the family that go gos


Famagogo: The adventure is just beginning

When was the last time you embarked on a life-altering experiment?

For the Holcombes (known online as Famagogo), it was five years ago when they traded the trappings of suburban life for an epic family adventure. Kathy Holcombe recalls when she and her husband, Peter, told their then nine-year-old daughter, Abby, about their grand plan to travel the world. Understandably, Abby worried about friends and school, and more.

“She expressed typical concerns of any nine-year-old facing change,” Kathy says. “When we added that we were moving into a Winnebago RV for a year-long road trip, she was - for the first time ever - speechless.”


Monumental Leap of Faith


With “exuberant encouragement” from friends, and “reluctant support” from family members, the Holcombes liquidated most of their belongings and packed up the rest. They moved the family and their thriving photography business into a motorhome and set off on the road.

“We did our best to anticipate what the future would bring and minimize our risk,” Kathy writes. “We eliminated all debt and monthly expenses (except the cell phone) and booked as many photography jobs as we could in advance. But ultimately the entire endeavor was a monumental leap of faith.”

Now the ever-active Holcombe family divides their time between kayaking, climbing, and a healthy balance of work to keep the bank account in the black. It turns out that the change of pace is exactly what each family member needed, in their own way.


Adventure changes a person


Before long, the entire family started to experience changes. Kathy found herself sleeping more peacefully and better able to prioritize her goals. Quality family time, their photography and writing careers, and regular adventures in the wild were all now a very manageable - and gratifying - part of life.

Peter found himself able to take greater career risks as soon as he stopped chasing the traditional markers of success. Throughout the years of conventional life, Peter had relinquished his dream of traveling the globe documenting adventures through photography and writing. Instead, he’d opted for a secure career path of wedding and portrait photography.

The last five years of no-strings-attached travel have allowed him the freedom to be in (and photograph) the places he always wanted to be. Where cutting edge athletes are pushing the boundaries of whitewater paddling, adventure, and exploration at every turn, he is now the go-to-guy for paddle sport imagery.

Their now-teenaged daughter Abby frequently competes as a whitewater kayaker all while continuing her schooling. She studies online and has even skipped a grade in both math and english. Her parents say this once soft-spoken girl has slowly transformed into a confident and charismatic young woman who is ready for anything the world dishes out.

The homepage of their website sums it up perfectly: “never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we could make a living by photography, filming, and writing about our days in the wild doing what we love the most.”


Downsizing Again


After five years of cross-county RV traveling, the Holcombes (also known as Famagogo) has their sights set on something just over the horizon. They’ve downsized from their 170-square-foot digs to a 4x4 Winnebago Revel. That significant downsize may mean less space, but it does allow more room for adventure.

Once the family decided to downsize yet again, they put their Sprinter van on a container ship and headed for Europe. And we all know they won’t stop there. From Europe they plan to head to South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia for even more adventure like rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, biking and backpacking their way across the continent.


Nutrient Faves


The family admits that in foreign locales, staying hydrated can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why they bring Drink Nutrient along with them wherever they go.

Liquid Nutrient is the reigning champ for Abby and Peter. “It tastes great and makes me feel refreshed and re-energized when I’m training,” Abby explains. Not only is taste an important factor, but as Peter says, “it gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need for a full day of adventure.”

The Holcombes need to stay hydrated and energized to chronicle their many adventures on the road through photographs, articles, videos, and social media feeds.

And Kathy? Well, she swears by Vitamin Coffee. “My life is a constant go-go-go, and Vitamin Coffee helps me get my day started right with all the essential vitamins and nutrients I need.”

Staying hydrated and keeping focused is an important part of life, especially while constantly on the move. The real world doesn’t stop moving just because you don’t have your nutrients or aren’t hydrated. So move along with the world while you drink your vitamins.

For the Holcombes, the adventure is just beginning!

Follow their adventures online at:

Instagram: @PeterHolcombe, @Adventurous.Miss, @Holcombe.Kathy

Facebook: @Peter.Holcombe, @Kathy.Holcombe, @AdenturousMissAbby

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